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Not that I post all that much anyway, but I’m going to take a break from the blog (and the computer as much as possible) until after the new year.   I am so far behind on holiday preparations – in fact I have hardly done anything so far – and I’m also so far behind on the regular things of life – I AM STARTING TO PANIC!   It doesn’t help that 4/5 of us (all but Ben) have colds and the kids have been up at night a lot and I don’t feel well.  Time to cut out as much “fluff” as possible and buckle down and do the things I need to do.

I had a draft of a 101 Things Update post started but I will save that until next year too.  I haven’t made that much progress on it anyway 🙂 and have to focus on other things right now.  I did take the monthly picture of the girls so I will leave you with that.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  See you on the flip side!





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The girls both had their hair cut yesterday.   I forgot to take “before” pictures this time!  But here are a few during and after pics.






Happy Thanksgiving!

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(Allison made the headdress in school; of course Lindsey had to try it on too.)

Happy Gotcha Day Allison!

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Two years ago today in Kunming, China, we met our little Allison for the first time.   At 12 months she couldn’t roll over or crawl, could barely sit up, and had the worst fish breath imaginable. LOL   She has come a long way!

Allison’s Gotcha Day was very different from Lindsey’s.    When we got Allison, we were the only family in that province; with Lindsey there were several other families adopting.  With Allison, things were quiet; with Lindsey it was more chaotic.   With Allison, the final paperwork was done right away so she was legally our daughter within hours of meeting her; with Lindsey the final paperwork was done the next day (her first birthday).   For Allison’s adoption it was me, Jay, Lindsey, and my sister Ginny; for Lindsey’s it was me, Jay, and Jay’s mom.  Allison’s was in the fall with beautiful, perfect temperature weather; Lindsey’s was in the summer with sweltering heat.  Two very different experiences, two VERY different girls, two special blessings!

We’re so happy to have you in our family, Allison!

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Allison had her first day of speech class today!

Her backpack is almost bigger than her!!!

The bus picks her up right at the end of our driveway.  She was a little tentative getting on and seemed a bit scared, but she didn’t cry and said “see ya” after I buckled her up and was walking off the bus.

Her teacher called me after class was over while Allison was on the way home.  She said she did great.  She had to coax her to use her words a lot (no big surprise!).  Many times when I ask Allison to use her words she will tell me “no” or “shhh!”.   She did the same to her teacher. 🙂  But her teacher said she did say the word for what she wanted in the end.  This class started at the beginning of the school year but Allison could not attend until she turned 3.  So the other 3 kids (all boys!) in her class have been going for over a month now.  The teacher said she thought she might have to modify things somewhat for Allison since it was her first day but she didn’t have to at all.  Allison did all that was expected of her.   It is SO sweet!!!

When the bus dropped her off, the bus driver said she did just fine!  Allison greeted me with a smile.   I am so relieved.  I didn’t really think she would cry but I wasn’t sure.  I didn’t sleep very good the last few hours this morning worrying about her first day.  I should have just slept – everything was fine. 🙂

I spent part of the 2 hours she was gone on the computer (of course!), part of the time cleaning up, and the rest of the time playing a game with Lindsey.  It was a very relaxing 2 hours. 🙂

Now Lindsey is off to school and I’m ready to put Allison down for her nap.  I am loving this new lifestyle. 🙂  I love my girls, they are a joy, but the break is wonderful!

Happy Birthday Allison!

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Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Sweet Pie Pie! 🙂

Happy Birthday to you!


As I have for all of my kids, each year on their birthday, we’re having a family birthday party for Allison later today.   We missed Allison’s birthday by 3 weeks so this is just her second party.

One year old (Gotcha Day 10/30/06)….

Two years old…

Three years old…

Allison Graduated!

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From Birth to 3 that is.  She saw a B-3 physical therapist from Dec 06 (a month after bringing her home) until about March 07, because she was delayed in her gross motor and also had torticollis.  She quickly caught up and was dismissed from the program.  About a month after that I was concerned about her lack of speech so I called them back.  They gave me some things to work on and if things didn’t improve I should call them back.  As you know they didn’t improve so I called them.  After some delays because of my mom’s death and things, she started with a speech therapist and an occupational therapist I believe in August 07.  She will be 3 (can you believe it!) on Saturday, and last week Tuesday was her last day with her Birth-3 therapists.  They brought cupcakes and Allison enjoyed one as you can see….

Next week Monday she starts her speech class at a local public school.  She will go Monday and Wednesdays.  The class is only a little over an hour but with bus time there and back (yes a little bus will pick her up at the end of our driveway) she will be gone from 8-10.  I can’t say the break from the little mischief maker (she is still so INTO EVERYTHING!) will be so nice, and I am excited to see what kind of progress she will make after starting the class.   For supplies she needed a backpack that a folder will fit into (which means the backpack is almost bigger than her!), a folder and notebook, a change of clothes, and diapering supplies.  So cute.  No she is not potty trained yet.  Lindsey didn’t train until the day after she turned 3, which would be this Sunday for Allison, but I’m not holding out any hope that it will happen then!  Lindsey had no interest in potty training at her 3 year checkup on her 3rd birthday.   I remember telling the pediatrician that Lindsey had no interest.  The very next day Lindsey told me “I want to go on the big girl potty.” and that was about that!  She was fully trained, at night also, in less than a week.  Allison has made good progress in the right direction but I don’t think she is ready to fully train just yet.

Allison continues to make good progress with her speech.  She repeats so many more words than she ever has, and even tries to put 2 or 3 words together occasionally.  She has probably about 100 words that she uses on her own consistently.  Keeping in mind that last January she had 1 or 2, and I believe in the spring she had about 25.  She keeps moving in the right direction.  I’m sure she’ll need speech therapy for years to come but I have faith in her that she’ll catch up eventually.

Now if I could get Lindsey to talk just a little bit less……

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