Happy Gotcha Day Allison!

October 30, 2008 at 1:01 pm | Posted in Adoption, Allison | 4 Comments

Two years ago today in Kunming, China, we met our little Allison for the first time.   At 12 months she couldn’t roll over or crawl, could barely sit up, and had the worst fish breath imaginable. LOL   She has come a long way!

Allison’s Gotcha Day was very different from Lindsey’s.    When we got Allison, we were the only family in that province; with Lindsey there were several other families adopting.  With Allison, things were quiet; with Lindsey it was more chaotic.   With Allison, the final paperwork was done right away so she was legally our daughter within hours of meeting her; with Lindsey the final paperwork was done the next day (her first birthday).   For Allison’s adoption it was me, Jay, Lindsey, and my sister Ginny; for Lindsey’s it was me, Jay, and Jay’s mom.  Allison’s was in the fall with beautiful, perfect temperature weather; Lindsey’s was in the summer with sweltering heat.  Two very different experiences, two VERY different girls, two special blessings!

We’re so happy to have you in our family, Allison!


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