November/December 101 Things Update

December 31, 2008 at 12:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
Due to the holidays and not feeling well the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to focus on the list much.  I hope to remedy that in the new year.  I *was* going to pick one or two things to focus on in November and it didn’t happen.  Here’s my little bit of progress:
#4 Knit 10 pair of socks. – I’m working on a pair of socks for Lindsey using Cascade Fixation.  Cute little sock!  I also bought myself 2 skeins of sock yarn, but I probably won’t start a pair for myself for awhile.

#5 Knit 3 items for charity. I started on the wheelchair afghan for maybe 20 minutes at Knit Night one time.  LOL

#9 Try 5 new recipes. Made some awesome broccoli soup.

#10 Save $100 in change.I think I actually added more than a few bucks. 🙂

#16 Print pictures from 2nd China trip and put in an album. – I bought a tub to put the pictures in as I print them.  Maybe this will get me motivated to start getting them printed!  I think I have the first 2 days of our 14 day trip printed so far.  (The reason I don’t print them all at once is $$$$$.)  We’ve been home over 2 years!!!

#32 Completely declutter bedroom and make it more warm and inviting.
What do you know, I decluttered it!  Okay so most of it is now just cluttering up the basement, but our room sure looks better (and bigger!)  As far as making it more warm and inviting, well decluttering helped with that some, but we won’t be repainting and/or decorating it anytime soon.  We hate the wall color and the quilt and…..the whole look of it.   But for now it is somewhat better.

In process of cleaning up:






#42 Declutter:  Sell or give away 101 material items I own. – I’m sure I got rid of a few things I’m forgetting but yesterday morning I found a tub of cross-stitching and stenciling supplies in the closet.  We’ve lived in this house almost 13 years and I’ve never touched this!  I stenciled a few rooms in our last house but never did any here and have no intentions of ever doing it. 🙂  I also have no intention to ever cross stitch again (would much rather KNIT of course!)  I packed up everything in the tub to go to Goodwill.  I am going to count this at 2 items, the stenciling stuff (paint, brushes, stencils) as one item and the cross-stitching stuff (needles, floss, patterns, etc.) as one item.

#47 Photograph girls on the 30th of each month.





#54 Knit something from each knitting book I own as of date of the start of this project.
I made each of my 3 sisters a gift bag for Christmas using the Felted Gift Bag pattern from One Skein Wonders – 101 Yarn Shop Favorites.


The socks I am making Lindsey are from my Getting Started Knitting Socks book by Ann Budd.  (no pic at the moment)

#64 Send 10 cards in the mail “just because”. My SIL is pregnant with her 6th child and has been sick most of the whole pregnancy so far.  She didn’t make it to our Thanksgiving gathering here at my house because she was sick.   I sent her a card letting her know she was missed.   So I didn’t sent it totally “just because” but on the other hand it wasn’t her birthday or anniversary or anything like that.

#65 Buy something for a child from the WalMart tree every Christmas. – They didn’t have a tree to buy from this year!  I did put together a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child to donate through our church so I’m going to count this.

#83 Subscribe to a knitting magazine. – I got a subscription to Interweave Knits from my brother-in-law Steve for Christmas!  Woo hoo!  Thanks Steve!

#99 Finish reading through The Message Bible. – I just finished Ecclesiastes.


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  1. You are getting me motivated! I am working on my bedroom declutter today. Wish mine looked as neat as yours! I should “before” and “after” pic like you did … It’s worth a laugh! 🙂

  2. Hi Eileen! Thanks for stopping by CM’s blog!! I just love the pics of your 2 smallest sweeties!! They’ve grown up so much … not just in age but beauty too! 🙂


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