I Went to the Packer Game!!!!

December 8, 2008 at 5:40 pm | Posted in Football, Uncategorized | 2 Comments
(but they lost, sigh)

However I had a great time!!!  Ben got tickets from his boss and he paid for mine as my Christmas present!   He only found out about the tickets Saturday afternoon so I found out I was going on short notice.  I had to run out to Fleet Farm that night to get some warm boots (I needed them anyway).  This is the third time I’ve gone to a Packer game (the other two were in the mid-90’s and they won both of those games).  I think the other two times I found out  I was going at the last minute also!  One of them for sure, I think I found out about 10 p.m. the night before (refresh my horrible memory Ginny!)

It was so much fun and we had pretty good seats.  We were in the corner of the south end zone above the tunnel where the Packer players run out onto the field.   We were about halfway up – the other two times I went I was almost to the very top in the end zone.  I think the temperature at kickoff was 5 degrees!  Yes FIVE.  But I wasn’t all that cold, and I didn’t even wear a coat!  I did have 6 layers of clothing on top though. 🙂  I had an undershirt, then a long sleeved shirt, then another long sleeved shirt, then a turtleneck, then a hooded Packer sweatshirt, then another Packer sweatshirt over the top of it all!  I had 2 pair of long johns and jeans, wool socks and boots on the bottom.  I think that was better, more comfortable, than less layers with a coat.

Things didn’t start out too good but then the Packers somewhat pulled it together, tied it up and we were hopeful.  But the defense was horrible and they gave away the game at the end, a field goal for the Texans to win it by 3 with no time remaining.   That kick was in the opposite end zone from us – all of the Packers scoring was in our end zone!  In fact they were first and goal at the opposite end zone for their last score, but then they switched sides for the start of the fourth quarter and scored on our side on the very next play.  They also downed the ball on the 3 yard line in our end zone for the Texans last possession but then if you know anything about the game they took it all the way down to the other end for the winning score.   DANG!

It was a blast anyway and you know how I feel about being at Lambeau Field! I couldn’t wipe the big fat grin off my face for awhile after we first sat down!  Love it, love it, love it!  THANKS BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. Hey! I was there, too, Eileen — not too far away and looking a lot like you (all bundled up!). I was there with Katie, Ali, and Ali’s boyfriend. Bummer about the loss, but we had a good time, too.

  2. Happy Holidays !!

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