November 3, 2008 at 5:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Now that everyone else has posted about their Halloween and moved on to the next thing, I’m finally getting around to writing about it.  Story of my life now, always behind!

Halloween is not my favorite holiday by any means.  For years we wouldn’t participate in it at all.  I’m just not crazy about all the gory, icky decorations and spooky costumes.  And all the candy!  I have such a sweet tooth and I have a hard time resisting – I can’t believe how much candy I have eaten in the past few days.  It’s awful.  And of course, my girls do NOT need candy either!  Lindsey has thousands of dollars of dental work in her mouth (2 crowns, 1 bridge, lots of fillings) and we don’t need Allison to follow in her sister’s footsteps that way.  But oh well, we have softened our stance on Halloween as far as not participating at all, but I’m still not super crazy about it.

That said Lindsey had a blast and both girls looked darling in their costumes.   And the weather!  It was warm!  Yea!  Many years it is so cold, or even snowing, and all those creative and cute costumes get covered up by winter coats!  But this year it was beautiful outside, no coats required.  (And it’s supposed to be 70 degree tomorrow!  It’s warmer here right now as I write this than in NC where my good friend Tamara lives – shout out to Tamara and family!)

Despite the gore and the candy and the hecticness (is that a word? LOL) one really great thing came out of the holiday this year – Allison learned to say “thank you”!   After me and Lindsey saying thank you a bunch of times as we left each house, all of a sudden I hear Allison say “sake you!”  It was so cute!  I have been trying to teach her to say thank you for a long long time.  Her speech has really been improving by leaps and bounds lately.  She still has such a long way to go but she is progressing!  She has been perfecting her “Go Pack Go” too, although it was of little help yesterday. 😦

Back to the candy…..I was so proud of myself that I actually had my act together and planned ahead.  I bought a whole bunch of candy early in the month to give out on Halloween because last year I ran out of candy.   Then I found out Jay would be coming home from a week out of town on Halloween night.  So no one was here when I took the girls trick or treating, then when we got home we had to go to the airport to pick him up.  By the time we got home, the mad rush was over and we  only got 3 sets of trick or treaters.  Which means I have a TON of candy left over!  Sigh….



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  1. I saw my shout out so I’m shouting back! It was nice here for Halloween but certainly not 70 by the time we headed out. Glad you had such great weather!!

  2. Wasn’t it awesome weather! We were so excited here too. I remember being a determined trick-or-treater myself and having several Halloween nights going door to door with sleet pelting my face. I’m so glad that Hope’s first trick-or-treating experience was such a fun night.

    Your daughters sure look adorable. I bet they had a great time. I know what you mean about the candy sitting around. I can’t keep my hands out of it either.

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