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I learned to crochet about 12? years ago.  I know I taught Ben when he was 8, which was 10 years ago, and that was probably when I had been crocheting a year or two.  I learned to knit just over a year ago, August 2007.   I love(d) to crochet but I have been addicted to knitting in a way I never was with crochet.  I will crochet again someday, but for now it is “all knitting, all the time”.  Except I don’t knit very often!  That will change some day, but for now I do what I can.  I do think about knitting, read about knitting, and listen to podcasts about knitting, every day.

Here are some pics of what has been going on in my knitting world.  I finally finished the Monkey sock I’d been knitting on for forever!  I was so tired of making it by the end, that I rushed it, knit right through a knot in the yarn, and then proceeded to graft the toe wrong.  It’s not totally unwearable that way but close.  I have NO desire to knit the second sock!  Maybe someday, maybe not.  This sock just may be lonely all its life.  I’m not crazy about it anyway.  It’s pretty, but I don’t like the heel and it’s just a bit big, and there’s the whole toe thing.  LOL

I made 2 felted bags early in the year but didn’t actually felt them until a month or so ago.   There are pics of them before and after felting.  I have yet to use either of them.  I think I want to put a snap closure on the purple one.  I made one more bag that needs to be sewn up the sides and then felted.  I’m not sure how to sew it up nice so it’s just been sitting there for the past month or more.  (The other 2 were knit in the round so I didn’t have to do this step!).

The purple yarn is a ball of Cotlin.  I’m almost finished making a face cloth with it, just have the last 2 rows to knit, bind off, and sew in the ends.  I made a face cloth with Cotlin in a fuschia color and it is so soft.  I hope to make myself a bunch of them in different patterns.  I have a ball of Cotlin in a cofee color on its way along with a pair of size 13 circs.

Then there’s the mittens I’ve been wanting to make for over a month now!  I have yarn to make myself a pair and to make some for the girls.  They were going to be my “learn to use DPNs” project but I can’t figure them out!  What a tangled mess!  I can’t figure out how to get the needles straight after casting on and dividing the stitches, but I’ll keep trying….

I hope to do more regular knitting updates…

*Just after I started typing this post, my new ball winder came!  Thanks Jay!  He bought it for me for my birthday (last month, 9/28).  And thanks to Vicki from my knitting group who gave me a swift!  I will take a picture of both and post them another time.


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  1. Your knitting world is amazing. The thing that impresses me is that your first project was a pair of socks–and magic loop no less. I never knitted a pair of socks until I had been knitting 30 years!! And I never blogged until a year ago last Aug. You are definitely a busy lady. Thye day will come when you can knit knit knit. I still do both knit and crochet.

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